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    Website Father Web Hosting Upgrading Clients to Joomla 3.9.13

    Joomla! has released a new version of the Joomla Content Management System (CMS), Joomla 3.9.13. Website Father has completed a test of this new release and it is safe to upgrade to the latest Joomla version.

    Joomla 3.9.13 is now available. This is a security fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses two security vulnerabilities and contains over 15 bug fixes and improvements.

    What's in 3.9.13?

    Joomla 3.9.13 includes two security vulnerability fixes and several bugs and improvements, including:

    Security Issues Fixed

    • Low Priority - Core - CSRF in com_template overrides view (affecting Joomla 3.2.0 through 3.9.12) 
    • Low Priority - Core - Path Disclosure in phpuft8 mapping files (affecting Joomla 3.6.0 through 3.9.12) 

    Bug fixes and Improvements

    • Improve PHP 7.4 compatibility
    • Improve reverse proxy support 
    • Fix active category detection 
    • Fix message filtering 
    • Improve sending mass mail 

    Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.

    Fedora 31 is officially here!

    The Fedora team is proud to announce the release of Fedora 31. Thanks to the hard work of thousands of Fedora community members and contributors, we’re celebrating yet another on-time release. This is getting to be a habit!

    Changes to CentOS: What CentOS Stream means for developers

    Today Chris Wright, vice president and CTO at Red Hat, published a post describing how CentOS is changing and the opportunities it opens for developers in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ecosystem. The net effect of this change is that, in addition to CentOS Linux 8, there is a new version of CentOS—CentOS Stream—which will provide a “rolling preview” of future Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernels and features. This is being announced in addition to the release of the traditional CentOS Linux 8, which is a downstream rebuild of the current RHEL release.

    Fedora and CentOS Stream

    From the desk of the Fedora Project Leader:

    Hi everyone! You may have seen the announcement about changes over at the CentOS Project. (If not, please go ahead and take a few minutes and read it — I’ll wait!) And now you may be wondering: if CentOS is now upstream of RHEL, what happens to Fedora? Isn’t that Fedora’s role in the Red Hat ecosystem?

    GNOME 3.34 Released

    The latest version of GNOME 3 has been released today. Version 3.34 contains six months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance improvements and new features.

    Check out our release video at!

    Highlights from this release include visual refreshes for a number of applications, including the desktop itself. The background selection settings also received a redesign, making it easier to select custom backgrounds.

    Website Father Upgrades Ubuntu Servers to 16.04.6 LTS

    Following the February 28, 2019 Canonical’s announcement of the release of Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS, Website Father has upgraded all of it servers running Ubuntu 16.04. Canonical, the South Africa-based company that support the Ubuntu Linux distro announced the release of Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (Long-Term Support) for its desktop and server products, as well as other flavours of Ubuntu with long-term support.

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Reaches End of Life on April 30, 2019

    As Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr reaches End of Life on 30 April 2019, Canonical, the South Africa-based company that supports the Linux distribution is encouraging users and organizations to upgrade to the latest LTS release to ensure systems remain patched against security vulnerabilities.

    Website Father Clients Can Enjoy Fedora 29

    In just one week, it will be fifteen years since we announced the release of Fedora Core 1. Now, we’re announcing the release of Fedora 29 — now not just “core”, but Workstation, Server, Atomic Host, a whole collection of desktop Spins and special-purpose Labs, images for Cloud and ARM devices, versions for Power and S390, and more.

    Website Father Clients Can Upgrade to Joomla 3.9.3

    Joomla! has released a new version of one of world's most popular content management systems. Joomla 3.9.3 was made available for download and upgrades on February 12, 2019.
    This latest release offers some improvement to the content management system, addressing six security vulnerabilities and containing 30 bug fixes as follows:

    Joomla! has just released a new version of the Joomla! Content Management System, Joomla 3.8.5, which is now available for download on the Joomla website. This release is a bug fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla. It fixes regressions which were reported after the 3.8.4 release, and broken syntax highlighting in the CodeMirror editor. Joomla 3.8.5 includes the revert of routing changes applied in Joomla 3.8.4. To learn more about the full list of bug fixes, visit GitHub. Site Father encourages its clients to upgrade their installations to Joomla 3.8.5 as soon as possible!

    Site Father Web Hosting - Joomla

    Joomla 3.8.4 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla addressing four security vulnerabilities and including over 100 bug fixes and improvements. Joomla 3.8.4 addresses four security vulnerabilities and several bugs, including:

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